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Borosil's offers an entire gamut of the finest quality scientific and laboratory glassware through a pan India network of 150 dealers. This includes volumetric ware, laboratory bottles, general laboratory glassware, glass filtration products, glassware for microbiology and lab accessories. This range of over 2000 products finds application in across diverse disciplines such as Quality Control in pharmaceutical industries, food and soil testing, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Photo Printing, Process Systems and Lighting. Symbolising quality, accuracy and dependability since 6 Decades, Borosil has earned the trust and unwavering loyalty of leading pharmaceutical companies and R&D laboratories, as well as scientific, health and educational institutions.

Klass Pack Ltd., now a subsidiary of Borosil Limited, is one of India's leading manufacturers of Glass Ampoules and Tubular Glass Vials of USP Type 1 that is widely used as primary packaging materials by pharmaceutical companies for their life-saving drugs. The factory is located at Nasik, around 180 kms from Mumbai.

Klass Pack Ltd. was established in 1994 and quickly became a leader in the Pharmaceutical Packaging segment. Borosil acquired Klasspack in 2016 and combined its technological expertise in specialty glass production with Klasspack's experience in world class glass ampoule and tubular glass vial manufacturing to establish its leadership in the fast-growing Pharmaceutical Packaging segment.

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Borosil Technologies Limited is located at Hinjewadi, Pune and is a 100% owned subsidiary of Borosil Limited. Borosil Technologies Limited is mandated to develop Laboratory equipment which is offered by Borosil Limited branded as Labquest.

Borosil Technologies Limited is equipped with Industrial design, Mechanical design, Embedded, Electronic, Software design capabilities, modern Assembly lines, Prototyping facilities, Service Center and an Application Lab.

Products developed and produced by Borosil Technologies Limited include Water Baths, Dry Baths, Nitrogen Estimation Systems, Stirrers, Vortex Mixers, Glass care equipment.

All products are designed to be SMART, RUGGED & PRACTICAL

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