Message from the Managing Director's Desk

Borosil is proud to be a part of the scientific community and proud to have played our part in helping our pharmaceutical customers keep their plants running. With an extremely resilient supply chain, we ensured that critical laboratory supplies to our customers remained unabated even during the deepest part of the lockdown. In addition, our LabQuest equipment has been used as a critical part of the process to manufacture the Covid vaccine. Finally, Borosil Klasspack vials are being used for packaging the vaccine - an accomplishment that we are all very proud of !

- Shreevar Kheruka

Managing director

As a brand we are committed to exceed the expectations of our customers. The Science & Industrial Products team takes immense pride in being a trusted partner of the scientist. This relationship with the scientist has been built over the last six decades. We see ourselves as mere custodians of this trust & will do everything we can to make it stronger than it was yesterday.

Vinayak Patankar

Chief Operating Officer

Ramesh Kumar

Associate Vice President - Sales